James Merling

  • ACE Certified
  • Kinesiology degree
  • Kickoff Certified


  • Rehabilitation
  • Beginners
  • Weight Training
  • Motivation

My Mission

My mission is to help clients achieve a large variety of goals, whether that be to lose weight, get stronger, or just improve overall health. Getting to see clients meet their goals is priceless.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. -Mark Twain

Why Train With Me

I have a specialty in strength training and hypertrophy, which would attract individuals who have those specific goals. I am able to create a plan that not only gets the client to their goals but also keeps them safe and healthy on their journey. I know all too well how an injury from a lack of knowledge can delay a fitness journey.

My go-to workout

Believe it or not, my favorite workout session is leg day. My favorite exercise is the back squat.

Healthy food I love

My favorite healthy meal is the well-known chicken and rice combo.

Healthy food I hate

A healthy food that I personally do not like whatsoever is lettuce.

Favorite workout music

This one depends on mood; I like anything from hip-hop to country.

What people are most surprised to learn about me

I actually tore my pectoral muscle, which was the ultimate test of my dedication to fitness.

Additional coach options

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